4 Average Everyday Reasons To Love Your Wrangler

There are a lot of reasons that the Jeep Wrangler became my automobile of choice. Some of the reasons have to do with the Wrangler as an idea; others are purely about the Wrangler as vehicle. One way or another, you’ve probably read other articles or blog posts about both. You know about the feeling of freedom and the ability to go anywhere. What I’m more interested in sharing with you, at least for today, are four of the average everyday reasons that I love my Wrangler.

1. It’s A Box On Wheels. . . . . . And I Like That!  

Don’t get me wrong. I like the look of a sleek, aerodynamic car as much as the next person. However, the round shape of most sedans and midsize SUVs (even some larger ones too, actually) often times takes away from the space you have inside the car.  For some readers this is not much of a big deal at all. For others, maybe who feel claustrophobic in a car or like the extra headroom, it’s something to take note of.

As an occupant, the square shape of the Wrangler makes for a much more comfortable experience. Whether you’re in the front or back, the Wrangler doesn’t feel as though it’s closing in on you. Yup! Even in the back of the 2-door. It also makes it easier to enter and maneuver around the vehicle (e.g. climbing in through the passenger door and getting situated in the back).

The shape of the Wrangler also impacts the amount of space you have to stow items such as luggage or bulk items from your favorite big-box store. Despite having what seems to be a very limited amount of room in the “trunk” area of the 2-door wrangler, you can easily fit 2 suitcases plus some additional bags without folding down the rear seats. If you do choose to fold down the rear seats you can fit as much as 4 Rubbermaid storage bins. Of course, the amount of space can be increased if you remove the back seats completely. This can be done temporarily with relative ease.

2. Capable Of Wiggling Into Tight Spaces. 

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. “Jeeps can go anywhere.” The question is, how easy is it to get there. Naturally, when you’re on the trail and wanting to push the limits of your Jeep some amount of challenge is fun. It’s a different story if you’re using your Jeep as a daily driver, though. Whether you’re parallel parking in the city or squeezing into a tight spot at the neighborhood carnival, the Wrangler performs well in this area. The turn radius allows you to maneuver with ease and the 2-door’s size is perfect for fitting pretty much anywhere you want to go.

3. Tailgate Opens Out Rather Than Up. 

This is something that I fell in love with during my years of driving around a Nissan Cube. Rather than opening upwards, like most cars, the tailgate of the Wrangler opens outward, like a door. This makes the trunk easier to open and close, especially if you’ve got your hands full (such as when doing groceries or unloading two very enthusiastic dogs).

4. Customization Possibilities Are Endless!

To some extent any car can be described as customizable. This is especially true if you’re buying brand new from the dealer. For the rest of us, there are also plenty of accessories (ill-fitting as they may be) that you can purchase from pretty much anywhere for pretty much anything. However, the Wrangler stands above the rest. Maybe it’s that the Jeep brand has a special breed of enthusiasts, but the ways to accessories a Wrangler are seemingly endless.

From dog crates to tents and everything in-between. If you can think of it, it’s probably out there. As you might expect many of these accessories are geared towards adventuring, but there are plenty that also make daily use of your Jeep a breeze. One such example is a shelf that can be used to maximize trunk space (perfect for groceries without losing the use of your back seat) and security. Wish that you could open those windows in your hard top for passengers in the back? No problem! They make that!

I could go on and on talking about the possibilities, combinations and options available. Long story short, you can build your wrangler to best suit your wants and needs. . . . . even if those needs aren’t unpaved.

Of course, there are hundreds of reasons to love your Jeep Wrangler. My list certainly goes on and on, but for now these are just four of the reasons that I love my Jeep for day to day use. What are some of the things you find appeal to you about your Jeep Wrangler when you’re driving around daily? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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